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ZUMO! Catch the new juice wave.

What do you get when you add pure Mediterranea Seawater to fruit and vegetables grown on the sunny hillsides of Spain? ZUMO!

Check out our Lemonade, Tomato and Gazpacho juices and drinkable soups. Get world-class flavor and 78 natural trace minerals from the sea!

Out of more than 3,000 new products, the Specialty Food Association has declared ZUMO Gazpacho the best ready to drink beverage of the year!

ZUMO! Get some!

ZUMO Lemonade, Tomato and Gazpacho juices and drinkable soups will be available soon at select retails outlets, and online at and yü

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Vegetable juice with Mediterranean seawater


Tangy and perfectly sweet, ZUMO lemons are fresh-picked and brought to you with a splash of the sea. Pucker up and enjoy delicious and pure refreshment!


The freshest vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, and just a touch of vinegar and garlic, served up the Spanish way – cool and delicious as a drinkable soup.



Think Tomato Juice is boring?
Think again! ZUMO’s luscious, ripe Mediterranean tomatoes come to you direct from vine to bottle with just two ingredients awash in minerals.

ZUMO! Enhance. Enrich. Enjoy.

ZUMO combines 78 bio-available minerals sourced from the ocean with great thirst-quenching taste for your enjoyment and hydration. Our juices contain no preservatives, are gluten-free and not from concentrate. Grab a delicious 16.9 oz. bottle and catch the new wave of refreshment!
Lemonade with Mediterranean Seawater

ZUMO Lemonade

Filtered water, lemon juice with pulp, sugar and purified seawater.

Gazpacho soup, juice, seawater

ZUMO Gazpacho

Tomatoes, purified seawater, bell pepper, cucumber, extra virgin olive oil, onion, distilled vinegar, garlic and lemon juice.

ZUMO Tomato

Tomatoes and purified seawater.

ZUMO! A sea story.

A big part of what makes ZUMO so special is purified seawater, harvested directly from the Mediterranean Sea. In comparison to dehydrated salts, the mineral content of seawater is comprised of 86% sodium chloride and 14% natural, ionic trace minerals. Combined with high-quality ingredients, seawater serves to enhance the flavors and enjoyment of foods.

Learn more about the Mediterranea Seawater story and our other delicious food and beverage products – all kissed by the Mediterranean!